Vikram reviews his marriage with Maya and her double crossing

Beyhadh 2 SPOILER ALERT: Vikram reviews his marriage with Maya and her double-crossing; Rudra discovers Maya’s new home.

Beyhadh 2 featuring Jennifer Winget, Ashish Chowdhry, and Shivin Narang ahead of the pack jobs has seen another significant section. The show has taken one year jump and Ankit Siwach otherwise known as Vikram has entered the retribution dramatization. In case you’re a vigorous supporter of the show, you may realize such MayRa’s reality has gone for a hurl after the jump. Maya has lost her memory and is currently remaining with Vikram, who professes to be her significant other. Then again, Rudra is in an edgy quest for Maya and is doing everything he can to locate her back. With this, just MJ is carrying on with a glad and serene life as he might suspect his most despised adversary Maya is dead and will stay away for the indefinite future.

Presently, in today around evening time’s scene, the dramatization is going to arrive at a first class higher as Rudra will arrive at Maya. Truly, Rudra will at last locate Maya’s new home. It will so happen that Vikram will review his marriage and awful past with Maya. He will consider how Maya played a game with him previously, while he truly cherished her. In the midst of Virkam’s vengeance arranging, the doorbell of the house rings. What’s more, here we have Rudra standing right outside. Rudra is stunned to see a man living with Maya. Giving a harsh look to him, Rudra asks, ‘Who right? Where is Maya?’ All this while Vikram stands mum.

It is intriguing to perceive how the dramatization unfurls straightaway. Will Rudra at last meet Maya following a year’s hole? Will Vikram conceal her from Rudra? Will Maya go to the entryway and sense Rudra’s essence? What are Vikram’s arrangements? It is safe to say that he is here to destroy Maya’s bliss? The truth will surface eventually.

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