Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st March 2020 Written Episode

The scene begins with soorasahi’s senapati asking authorization from her would i be able to go to help soormukham yet she denies while soormukham preparing to assault jayant and everything except ganesh comprehends that he can’t however has brought his military along and veer bahu says we will confront them yet ganesh reveals to him they are imperceptible. Soorasahi says soormukham can battle in solitude.

Veer bahu is testing soormukahm and he also says you can’t battle with me and they start battle as soormukham hits veer bahu’s weapon tumbling down and he is stunned reasoning he is having precarious force I surmise and veer bahu lifts him and tosses on the ground while his military is assaulting undetectably and veer bahu is assaulting soormukham as ganesh might suspect I need to help veer bahu. Every single other god are attempting to help veer bahu assaulting with their individual weapons towards the undetectable armed force and veer bahu tells soormukahm that you can’t reach till me and soormukham attempts to assault with his given weapon of soorasahi. All divine beings are assaulting soormukham while mushak watching this discussions with ganesh about veer bahu.

Soorasahi’s little girl is additionally influenced by soormukham’s forces and tumbles down while ganesh sees and considers devsena in the event that she may be in a difficult situation so need to support her. Indra is holding devsena on his thighs and attempting to make her cognizant and imploring mata and ganesh too as ganesh gets it.Soorasahi’s girl is asking help from kartik as ganesh is observing such a lot of occurring. Indra’s assistants bring medications for help of devsena to wake her up from obviousness.

Veer bahu is battling with soormukham and makes him tumble down oblivious. Ganesh feels some more difficulty is emitting while soorasahi’s little girl is running from soormukham’s military assault and soormukham gets up to lift the weapon and attempts to assault veer bahu however he hits him extremely hard on his hands and he tumbles down gravely and murders him immediately. Ganesh causes by his forces to toss towards soormukham’s military.

Soorasahi feeling uncomfortable and she sees her grandson soormukham slaughtered and she is stunned while all incorporating soorapadman gets discouraged with feelings seeing soormukham executed. Soormukham’s military also is executed and discarded. Soorasahi is getting wild saying how could this occur with our military while veer bahu acclaims swami kartik so ganesh says now this obstacle is cleared however devsena is as yet oblivious.

Indra is utilizing restorative solution for cause her to get up from obviousness however falls flat and he is turning out to be discouraged saying towards devsena that you need to get up or every one of your endeavors will get futile towards kartik. Ganesh tells jayant gives up yet he says I also wish to however I despite everything need to hold up and ganesh comprehends as feeling kartik is under contemplation still.


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