Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th March 2020 Written Episode

The scene begins with Devsena is halting all the stones which will go towards kartik because of tempest to stay away from his reflection aggravation while mata parvati feels uncomfortable seeing this so she finds a workable pace help yet mahadev stops her maxim this will likewise evaporate as this is her test which she will defeat as you had before yet mata paravati is still in disarray and devsena asks swami kartik saying I will give a valiant effort to spare your contemplation.

Veer bahu is telling soorapadman that I’ll put forth a valiant effort to spare jayant with assistance of swami kartik and every one of his kin find a workable pace seats and veer bahu hops and sits on a seat.

Ganesh is helping jayant and all divine beings to spare him from assault of insidiousness creature.

Soormukhma advises soorapadman we need to assault and execute him while veer bahu is attempting to clarify him again him saying on the off chance that I needed to battle with you, at that point I would had before and murdered you as of now however he says you overlooked I have brought you and he says it was my arrangement to accompany you and you have chance currently to argue prabhu kartik and he will pardon you while soorapadman is acting peculiar.

The insidious creature is confronting ganesh’s forces while jayant and divine beings are confounded in what capacity will ganeshji handle this abhorrent creature.

Soorasahi is communicating is ganesh has come here then we should discharge divine beings and jayant with the goal that he will consequently come to us so soorapadman requests to soormukham while veer bahu lets them know ganeshji probably discharged them before itself and as soorasahi comes in royal residence at that point veer bahu comprehends this is the shrewd lady on whose arranges all are doing all these malicious things.

Soorasahi reveals to him you are allowed to remove jayant while soorapadman feels confounded yet she gets him the castle and veer bahu is stunned and she is asking him you should be thinking about whether ganesh is there to discharge jayant then why he is here and veer bahu is in disarray thinking why she is doing this and soorasahi is clarifying him what can jayant accomplish for me and she solicits him you are fan from your prabhu so you will spread his light right now? and he says yes I will do this for my prabhu who is prabhu soorapadman and soorapadman is amazed getting pleased hearing jayant is commending me while veer bahu is stunned.

Mata paravti is communicating her distress viewing devsena the amount she is in a tough situation confronting tempest to spare kartik’s reflection to not to get upset.

Veer bahu is advising jayant to not to get terrified however he says for what reason should I get frightened by my prabhu to accept his name as I was doing botch before and he is clarifying him so great work he has done right now veer bahu gets irritated and instructs him to quit lauding your malevolence prabhu and now I am feeling disrespected to take you along from here rather I’ll forfeit my life here itself. Soormukham is impelling him to take this lit stick and show your capacity of relinquishing life.

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