Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th March 2020 Written Episode

The scene begins with ganesh disclosing soormukhi to not to quickly guarantee anyone which can’t occur so she also tells ganesh that I was defenseless so needed to do this on the grounds that my thought process is security of jayant and divine beings. Sooramukham feeling fishy occurring in cabin so he advises his military to go close to the entryway.

Devsena is imploring mata to allow her to help swami kartik in finishing this pooja and mata cheerfully favors her and additionally devsena asks consent from mahadev’s shivling too and he also grins and favors her as the two of them acclaim devsena. Devsena begins performing pooja taking plate with her towards kartik and shivling.

Soormukham goes close to the entryway of the hovel to hear and hears soormukhi conversing with someone and he pushes the entryway and enters yet he finds soormukhi imploring kartik’s statue and he look wherever as he sees another secondary passage marginally open and he quickly goes there however it closes and he gets bothered and he comprehends they fled.

Jayant is supplicating while insidious fire power is coming towards him and divine beings under jail are watching and attempting to redirect the fire power from going towards jayant.

Ganesh and veer bahu run towards ocean water and veer bahu feels inconvenience there so he cautions ganesh.

Devsena is pouring water on kartik from head in procedure of pooja execution while indra and mushak are additionally asking yet feel on the off chance that kartik sees, on the other hand there may be a few issues however he is as yet quiet in reflecting.

Mata paravati too is pouring water on mahadev’s body from head. Soormukham considers which course ganesh and veer bahu more likely than not gone and he sees so he utilizes his forces to send his military towards them. Devsena is imploring kartik with water pouring on him while indra feels honored by a girl like devsena and mushak too adulates devsena.

Jayant is imploring swami kartik while the detestable pig is attempting to assault him from around the nook where he is grasped and divine beings are feeling inconvenience. Mata paravti acclaims devsena telling mahadev yet mahadev gives an alternate sign to mata paravati. The abhorrent pig is attempting to assault yet is pushed away by forces of kartik’s favors towards jayant. Soormukham guides his military to assault ganesh and veer bahu. Ganesh is disturbing veer bahu about difficulty.

An immense tempest ejects towards kartik’s contemplation with stream of ocean so she attempts to hold the stick covering to not to fall and additionally indra with mushak too holds firmly. Devsena tending to kartik says I won’t permit any sort of difficulty to upset your contemplation.

The detestable pig can’t reach towards jayant as he is constantly upset by some other force while jayant comprehends and grins.

Veer bahu advises ganesh that to go and look of jayant while I’ll confront this military and ganesh reminds him you have another work too and he told ganesh that I’ll do that subsequent to completing with this military and ganesh says and I’ll go towards jayant.

Jayant is imploring while devsena is battling with the tempest with assistance of indra and mushak.

Jayant is appealing to God for swami kartik in such gigantic tempest going on where devsena is attempting to stop huge rocks coming towards kartik. Ganesh and veer bahu are encompassed by soormukaham and his military while ganesh pushes a watchman and bounces in the profound lake water where he comprehends jayant is there itself while veer bahu is battling with the military and soormukham.

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