Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th March 2020 Written Episode

The scene begins with jayant imploring swami kartik while every single other god are gripped in confine by soorapadman. Ganesh and veer bahu go to soorasahi’s girl’s cabin and she invites ganesh cheerfully. Jayant is continuing asking kartik while soorasahi is getting irritated so she calls soorapadman and guides him saying now the opportunity has arrived to assault and mischief jayant so soorapadman leaves to carry out his responsibility as his mom advises him to go to your sister’s cabin and take her assistance.

Jayant is asking swami kartik while divine beings are asking kartik for help to get discharged from this grasp and tune in to jayant or the shrewd pig will slaughter him. Kartik is contemplating for shivling with shut eyes while devsena is asking kartik moving around him.

Ganesh is asking help from soorasahi’s little girl where jayant will be and she reveals to them the heading where he should be towards mahendragiri mountain while soormukham is arranging detestable things towards jayant.

Soorapadman comes and thumps his sister’s cottage as they are stunned and ganesh with senapati are confounded what to do while she attempts to open the entryway of hovel gradually and finds soorapadman and closes it promptly while he gets irritated. He attempts to utilize his forces towards the entryway and she tells ganesh it’s her sibling and they prepare to deceive him as she opens the entryway and ganesh is sitting before him yet his sister is stunned reasoning now what will occur while ganesh is playing stunt showing himself as statue of kartik and he sees kartik’s statue of whom his sister is doing pooja of however he is cautioning his sister you will see once I accomplish my work and then you will do pooja of me. She additionally thinks saying he is a blockhead to consider you to be kartik and doesn’t comprehend that it you are ganeshji itself so she thanks ganeshji for playing such a stunt. Soormukham is moving to investigate what’s going on with jayant and different divine beings.

Soorapadman advises his sister not to supplicate me yet rather you as a sister needs to tie me gift of security ribbon and he calls his house keepers to give her what he has brought for her and he shows a dark security trim while she is befuddled and reveals to him I don’t get terrified by this doing it for you and he is thinking she is offending me and discloses to her you do whatever you wish however quietly and he is offending kartik before ganesh while veer bahu thinks he is offending kartik for which he will get discipline later from us.

Devsena is supplicating kartik moving around him while he is in profound contemplation as indra gets befuddled and additionally dreams thinking in the event that she contacts him, at that point he will get extremely wild on her.

Soorapadman is advising his sister to tie this ribbon while veer bahu attempts to come to assault him while ganesh gets befuddled reasoning this isn’t the correct time and additionally his sister also get confounded why veer bahu is doing this or something incorrectly will occur here and ganesh stops him flagging veer bahu and he promptly shrouds himself once more. Soorapdaman’s sister quickly goes before him as he turns and tie’s the ribbon as he gets upbeat and values her as he is going towards veer bahu covered up however his sister is attempting to occupy him.

Soorapadman’s sister guarantees his sibling whatever he wishes I’ll do as needs be as she also is attempting to play stunt with him. As he leaves then soormukham shows up there telling soorapadman that there is someone inside yet soorapadman discloses to him we as a whole were there in the cottage however no one is there so to go and accomplish your work given or soorasahi will blow up and he leaves while soormukham holds up there to check whether anyone is there inside. Ganesh clarifies sooramukhi exercises of handling such sort of circumstance however she is talking about how she was vulnerable while soormukham is attempting to watch through his falcon’s eyes and feels there is somewhere in the range of two individuals with her and he advises his military to approach towards the entryway of the cottage.

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