Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd March 2020 Written Episode

The scene begins with ganesh veering bhau senapati from indecencies which were inconspicuous by him towards entering towards fiendishness’ castle. Ganesh discloses him how to handle while the abhorrence soormukham is attempting to comprehend what’s going on from divine beings.

Kartik is discovering everything at it’s place anything he desires is promptly accessible. Indra comes to clarify devsena what kartik has in nourishment and she prepares it as needs be. Kartik is valuing the administration furnished by devsena to him with the nourishment he eats right now.

Mata paravati is acknowledging devsena and feels upbeat about kartik additionally taking her administration readily and she is likewise communicating them two at last skilled for one another.

Veer bhau is approaching ganesh for help in getting inside the royal residence of fiendishness while he considers nourishment and goes to perceive what’s going on as all are orchestrating nourishment for soorapadman, soorasahi and her child soormukham.

Ganesh utilizes his forces to upset the utensils tumble down and soorapadman yells how this happened and reviles his kin while veer bhau asks ganesh for what good reason you did this and he discloses to occupy them and soorasahi’s child soormukham comes and he sees what has happened and thinks pondering how it happened and discovers a few forces originating from outside so no flaw of our kin. He comprehends it’s senapati who is here and soorasahi says ganesh must be with him so to be alert and to investigate jail as they should not reach there. Soorasahi’s child discloses to her I will make sure that jayant and all divine beings ought not get free way. Ganesh clarifies senapati veer bahu now we’ll see what occurs ahead so to stand by now.

Kartik showers and comes to prepare and discovers everything at its place and while he prepares devsena encourages him with different things to prepare for him and he values her.

Sooramukham is preparing his military to make sure about from ganesh and veer bhau. Ganesh is watching and talks about with veer bhau that presently to finish our other work. The malevolent falcon is flying and ganesh utilizes his blade forces to upset hawk’s visual perception as it gets influenced. Soormukham is guiding his military towards the headings to move for security concern.

Ganesh and veer bhau are looking the laborer for their work to do.

Devsena is imploring kartik moving around him while he is sitting and doing pooja of shivling. Kartik is feeling about devsena while indra is additionally in disarray how kartik comprehends this as devsena is far away from him. Mata paravati is valuing devsena’s commitment towards kartik and mahadev too lauds her.

Veer bhau senapati and ganesh comes to at jail to discharge others. Ganesh sees bhakan and inquires as to whether he can tells where others are nevertheless he becomes defenseless saying I was unable to persuade them about supplicating kartik yet ganesh instructs him to be quiet and asks him do you know the jail where jayant must be nevertheless he says he doesn’t think about it and more likely than not kept at a far off jail. Veer bhau takes name of kartik and leaves for search with ganesh while soormukham comes there feeling inconvenience as the two of them stow away.

Soormukham is looking wherever and saying I will look through them and rebuff likewise yet first to rebuff you and he murders his watchmen of the jail. He is guiding his hawk to look through them as they mustn’t have gone far.

Veer bahu and ganesh reach almost a cabin hearing an enthusiast reciting name of kartik yet veer bahu is talking about uncertainty of course of action of abhorrence then ganesh clarifies him this spot don’t appear to be about any underhandedness encompassing so need to find in the cottage and jayant implores kartik while ganesh thumps the hovel entryway and soorasahi’s little girl opens and she asks and invites ganesh in cottage while bird is on his hunt and different divine beings gripped are supplicating ganesh to come and discharge us quick.

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