Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th March 2020 Written Episode

The scene begins with mata chamunda kaali is halting senapati to not to enter mahendragiri and she grasps him while senapati supplicates ganesh now you can just assistance me and ganesh comes as mata is amazed to see ganesh and all divine beings are cheerful as ganesh has come to handle mata. Devsena is building a stick covering for kartik’s reflection to proceed as indra and mushak are astonished. Ganesh is asking mata and senapati is amazed and he also implores mata and then he requests that consent let me go in mahendrapuri.

Indra is commending devsena and kartik likewise saying he is in profound reflection.

Mata is asking him for what reason should I permit and ganesh adulates her truism you are delicate so please permit then she yells him saying now you will say I am delicate however after you will overlook me so she offers him to depict me then just I’ll permit you and He acknowledges her test while all divine beings are happy to perceive how ganesh will conquer this. Ganesh begins depicting her and lauding her looks just as her forces which is so solid to offer exercises to individuals and he is portraying about her all body parts which gives exercises what it educates to this world with assistance of god shiva as mahadev is likewise grinning recalling how ganesh is pleasantly depicting.

Mata acclaims ganesh and reveals to him I will help you for kartik and permits senapati bahu to proceed and ganesh thanks mata. The abhorrent child of soorasahi is feeling inconvenience close to his place on mountain and thinks this must be educated to mata soorasahi. The underhanded sister of soorapadman is guaranteeing her mom soorasahi that I will do as coordinated by you. Indra is feeling uncomfortable on the off chance that ganesh may have helped bahu senapati, at that point he should return right away.  Ganesh clarifies senapati bahu How discreetly to enter spot of mahendrapuri to spare jayant.

Indra is imploring ganesh to direly return here close to kartik or issues will emerge and ganesh says what should I do in the event that I don’t help bahu, at that point there is issue and on the off chance that I come there, at that point bahu will confront inconvenience. Bahui senapati tells ganesh now I have come here securely while ganesh disappears and bahu is astounded where ganesh went. Jayant is supplicating swami kartik while senapati goes close gradually yet feels ganesh shouldn’t had gone from here and now I need to handle all alone.

Ganesh is feeling inconvenience considering kartik to be outrage as devsena too feels seeing kartik thinking if any issue has occurred by me and kartik is directing devsena out of frustration while ganesh plays stunt by meddling and lauding devsena as kartik’s enthusiast to make kartik quiet and Kartik is feeling happy about devsena seeing her smilingly while devsena is arguing kartik and he gives her blossoms in her grasp and additionally feels she accomplished such a great deal for me I would decimate this with my displeasure and ganesh feels thinking this is unadulterated love and might be they are chatting with one another through their eyes and now it’s season of kartik’s resting while kartik implores shivling.

Soorasahi’s child comes to soorasahi and she asks what happened and he advises her our mahendrapuri isn’t sheltered now and she helps to remember her guarantee to mahendrapuri’s goddess which i’ll be careful till I kick the bucket. Soorasahi is clarifying her kids’ this is my mahendrapuri which I am dependable to be careful and soorapadman discloses to her that I’ll investigate it what has occurred yet she instructs him to provide requests to her another asoor supporter soormukham to investigate it as he is rehearsing weapon strategies.

Senapati bahu is proceeding gradually to reach close to jayant’s place where he is grasped. The underhandedness soormukham rehearses his weapon targets while bahu senapati is acknowledging mahendrapuri and likewise thinks ganesh encouraging how to look through answer for enter mahendrapuri. A gatekeeper of soorasahi comes to educate soormukham that he is offered employment to guard mahendrapuri while he says whoever it is I need to grasp him. Jayant and every single other god are pondering where veer bahu must be and when kartik swami will support us.

Bahu senapati is considering how to enter and finds the way while acclaims ganesh. Ganesh considers veer bahu senapati must be in a difficult situation there how to look through the answer for enter mahendrapuri so need to go and help him as well.


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