Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th March 2020 Written Episode

The scene begins with ganesh showing up to meet devsena and she is soliciting help from ganeshji from she confronting issues discovering materials for pooja and says must be a swindler and he is befuddled reasoning it’s me itself yet how might I advise her and now I need to favor her at last as both mata and devsena experiences made me fall into difficulty. Ganesh clears out her issues giving her blossoms to pooja as she is cheerful while indra and mushak come asking ganesh what you did this as you had said you won’t go yet he says let me likewise state as I was unable to stop her how she was arguing me and henceforth it was inconceivable for me to not to go and meet her for her assistance.

Veerbhua senapati is additionally calling ganesh for help so discloses to them now I need to help him likewise and ganesh comes to favor senapati while he is upbeat for ganesh and commends him and ganesh encourages him how to think for your god and he does in like manner. Kartik comes to favor him as he continues supplicating him and the indecencies are confronting inconvenience while kartik is moving towards devsena in Brahman garments worn as she is asking his statue. Indra is talking about with mushak to help him for his girl devsena. Ganesh shows up as both are examining and he is revealing to them this likewise you can’t do as kartik is showing up in Brahman garments worn. Each of them three are taking pooja plates towards kartik while they see devsena as of now showed up and getting ready pooja for kartik.

Kartik is watching devsena doing such great readiness and feels great seeing her. He is getting included watching her. Ganesh is stating we must be aware of not to upset his consideration towards devsena.

Senapati is supplicating kartik while the disasters are getting disturbed and asking help as senapti advises them to take name of swami kartik and they also ask him while the gigantic malevolence finds a workable pace by their commendation of kartik.

Kartik is asking from the ocean water having shower as devsena is taking garments towards kartik and ganesh is feeling inconvenience. Kartik is feeling she is approaching while mushak is stating kartik is feeling something. Kartik pivots and discovers no one while ganesh advises devsena to give that garments plate to me and you do pooja course of action. Ganesh advises indra now you have the opportunity to act quick so do it rapidly with the goal that she’ll be occupied in her work while kartik will prepare.

Kartik is preparing while devsena is designing his statue and indra is observing this quietly. Kartik is drawing close to devsena while indra is in disarray and ganesh additionally feels may devraj indra more likely than not clarified her and kartik comes to approach devsena doing game plan while ganesh asks indra did you clarified devsena and he says no and ganesh says now she can say anything to kartik.

The enormous underhandedness of lanka is attempting to assault senapati while he is taking kartik’s name and senapati asks him who are you and for what good reason are you doing this as he discloses to him I am assor samrat soorapadman’s supporter and you need to take his name just and attempts to assault him however senapati fights back with sword and cuts his head which goes and falls in soorasahi’s royal residence and all are stunned including lankeshwar.

Kartik is thinking I need to go towards her who is accomplishing such acceptable work for me and as he goes then she considers kartik to be she asks him is anything left over from me towards serving you and he says nothing is pending as you have done everything so pleasantly while devsena says I need to present him myself as ganesh might suspect in disarray now she will advise all fact to kartik.

Lankeshwar is stunned his colossal wickedness sibling is slaughtered in such pulverizing manner and gets enthusiastic while soorapadman is excessively stunned.

Devsena is telling kartik that she is girl of devraj indra and mata paravati itself has sent me here to serve for you while ganesh is getting uncomfortable as devsena is attempting to reveal to him that I am your and ganesh is getting paralyzed as devsena and kartik are controlling each other and as she attempts to state then quickly ganesh says she is extreme enthusiast and indra feels loose as devsena might suspect now ganeshji you just acquaint me with him and he says she is devi mata who has done every one of these things for you with so much devotion while she is befuddled why ganeshji said along these lines that I am devi mata and ganesh is redirecting his discussions and lauding devsena before kartik while indra also underpins ganesh in his discussion to kartik about devsena and ganesh s=tells devsena now I’ll assist you with promoting while devsena says no as I just need to do this while kartik feels something fishy is occurring near.

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