Patiala Babes 24th March 2020 Written Episode

Neil discloses to Minnie that Isha needs possibly him back or all his riches; she can’t grab his girl from her, she doesn’t let him meet her. He cries. Minnie stretches out hand to comfort him, yet steps it back. Neil sees it. Neil says he opened up like an open book and uncovered everything, presently she shouldn’t have any issue with his companion. Minnie inquires as to whether he misses his girl Kia. He says she thinks about him as companion, at that point wouldn’t she be able to detect it. Minnie says she simply needs to hear it from his mouth. He says what a dad can say, its simple for a mother to give her parenthood, there is no such word for fathers, it is so out of line, he realizes kids are conceived by means of moms and child reacts to mother even before he/she is conceived, however whatever father attempts he is considered as third individual. Minnie says she never thought this way. He says by what means will she as she is likewise a lady who leaves fathers to simply follow their obligations, in the event that anybody can quantify father’s adoration. He keeps spilling his guts and says he missed all the developing snapshots of Kia. She reassures him and causes him to sit on bed.

Minnie thinks back Neil and Isha’s battle, Neil arguing Isha to let him meet Kia, and so forth. She further thinks back her dad Ashok returning home after numerous years and seeing her adage she has grown up and he thought she is still little, his battle with Babita, worry for Minnie, going up against HS that she felt terrible when he captured her dad and her desire to share her heart out with her dad and her dad sharing his issues, and so on. She at that point thinks back Neil’s words that it is simple for a mother to give her parenthood, however there is no such word for a dad, it is so unreasonable; HS inquiring as to whether she adores her dad so much, she telling she can’t depict it like he can’t his and his dad’s holding, perhaps everybody has that; portraying her affections for her dad, crying before Babita and HS

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