Patiala Babes 23rd March 2020 Written Episode

Neil keeps portraying his story to Minnie and discloses to her that he was edgy and fell in Isha’s adoration. He says Isha is from rich family, however he wedded her and carried her to his parent’s home where his folks recollections are. He began buckling down for extended periods to repay Isha’s requests as needed live in a quick pace with voyaging, shopping, clubbing, parties, and so on. He finds intoxicated Isha cozy with his closest companion Rithvik in a gathering, however he overlooked it; Isha didn’t understand what she was doing, she was testing his mandhood. Minnie says she can comprehend as she saw same issue with her angels. Neil proceeds with that Isha is male consideration searcher and was looking for Rithvik’s consideration now as her enthusiasm on him had gone; gradually they began battling and his wrath proceeded, he began buckling down; Isha got pregnant and soon an infant young lady was conceived; Isha proceeded with her liquor abuse and medications and her undertaking with Rithvik.

Minnie asks what occurred straightaway. Neil says she undermined him again over and over; one day he discovered Isha and Rithvik in his bed and gained out of power as even he has self image, he was only 23 and begun getting shocking; their contentions proceeded, he broke all the glass at home; Isha recorded police protest.

Neil proceeds with that Isha record grumbled against him and looked for police security for her and her girl against him; despite the fact that he was furious, he was unable to kick out his youngster’s mom from his home and rather he escaped his home and came here to Patiala and got another line of work in Patiala Babes. Minnie gets some information about Rithvik. He says possibly she said a final farewell to Rithvik or got broed; presently she needs Neil or all his riches. He cries noisily saying she isn’t letting him meet his girl. Minnie attempts to support him.

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