Patiala Babes 18th March 2020 Written Episode

Minnie with Neil goes back towards home in a taxi. NB calls her and asks when will she return as they are completely stressed for her. Minnie says she will reach in some time. NB inquires as to whether she is fine detecting her trembling voice. Minnie says she is fine. Naina out of sight. Neil keeps hand o her hand and she steps it back. He thinks back time went through with her. Minnie likewise thinks back their quality minutes, him gifting her toe rings, and so on. Neil requests that driver stop the vehicle and getting out cries noisily. At home, NB instructs Preet and Arya to weave woolen garments and thinks back Neil’s letter that he has a past where he has a spouse and a little girl, yet he is profoundly enamored with Minnie and couldn’t stop himself falling in her adoration. Preet shakes NB and approaches on the off chance that she is concerned for Minnie, Neil is with her, so she shouldn’t stress. NB says that is the reason she is stressed. Entryway ringer rings. Arya and Preet open entryway. Neil and Minnie stroll in. Arya embraces Minnie and asks where she had abandoned illuminating her, discloses to Neil that he did cheating and approaches what did he bring for her from Delhi. Minnie says she ought not say that and requests to release them and rest as they originated from voyaging. Preet asks Minnie for what reason the two of them look so tragic. Minnie says she is fine and gives Neil’s pack to NB and strolls to her room.

Minnie advises Preet about Neil’s better half and kid. Preet is stunned to hear that. Minnie says even she is stunned seeing diverse Neil, his home, his significant other and kid, he was totally extraordinary there, and so on. Preet embraces and attempts to comfort her. Minnie says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how Isha would have responded. Preet requests that her quiet down. Minnie says Neil never dedicated to her or said those 3 supernatural words. Preet says everybody saw their looks and he shouldn’t have headed towards her. Minnie says he never fouled up and it was her creative mind and that’s it. Preet gets some information about those uncommon embraces, and so forth. Minnie says she embraces even Bobby and Mickey, she is a nitwit to envision to such an extent.

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