Mere Sai 31st March 2020 Written Episode

Shashidhar cautions Jahnvi that he will take their case to town’s mukhiya and in the wake of hearing them both let the mukhiya choose. Jahnvi concurs, Shashidhar says let us go tomorrow at that point. Bhama discloses to Jahnvi that this current town’s mukhiya is Kulkarni who will oppose her as Sai is supporting her. Sai says individuals’ supposition may change after some time, who knows Kulkarni may give legitimate judgment.

Following day, Shashidhar, Savi, and Jahnvi meet Kulkarni and depict entire story. Kulkarni says infant has a place with a couple and not house keeper. Jahnvi argues she is Shashidhar’s better half and not house keeper and infant is hers. Sai watches everything ablaze pit in Dwarkamayi. Kulkarni says he won’t trust a servant. Sathe ji strolls in and asks – Kulkarni how might he give judgment so nonsensically, is this the manner in which he gives equity; they all realize that ladies are abuseed, Kulkarni ought to explore the issue appropriately and give equity, and if Kulkarni wouldn’t he be able to will. Baizamaa guarantees Jahnvi that she will get equity now. Satheji asks where is Sai. Mhalsapati says Sai told he can’t there and everyone realizes no one can address Sai, however he feels its Sai’s desire that Satheji came here. Sai watches everything ablaze pit.

Satheji says Srikanth clarified him entire issue, before he can begin the technique, he needs the child in his grasp. He sits on Kukarni’s seat holding infant and says it is anything but difficult to distinguish mother’s child as no one but mother can realize infant better; he will addresses both Jahnvi and Savi to comprehend issue better. Savi gets strained while Jahnvi concurs. Kulkarni discloses to Satheji that he is sitting around idly here. Satheji says rejoining infant with mother is a holy deed. He says each mother realizes child’s skin pigmentation or any imperfection and gets some information about infant. Savi says child has a mole to his left side shoulder. Satheji checks and says there is one. Savi gets glad and says she is infant’s genuine mother. Jahnvi says shoulder mole can be seen effectively, there are different checks likewise and says he has a light imprint on his foot bottom. Satheji checks and says yes. Jahnvi says child likes bangle sound and anybody can check. A woman checks and says yes. Jahnvi says child has a scratch on his back acquired while coming to Shirdi. Satheji says this present lady’s all confirmations are valid, so it demonstrates she is infant’s mom. Shashidhar says Jahnvi is their house cleaner, so she knows it all about child, truth is infant is his wife’s. Jahnvi says she procured Savi as servant and since she was sick, she let infant with Savi. Kulkarni says the two ladies are claiming one another, yet spouse is distinguishing Savi as his better half. Satheji says he is persuaded with him. Kulkarni says that is the thing that he was stating.

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