Mere Sai 30th March 2020 Written Episode

Jahnvi powerless hearing her child crying argues Sai to assist her with getting back her infant. Sai recommends her to have persistence and go with him to Dwarkamayi. Jahnvi says as a mother she can’t hear her child crying and argues him to by one way or another get back her infant, she will go with him any place he asks at that point. Sai inquires as to whether she can some way or another make her quality felt to her infant. She sings children’s song and her infant quits crying. She at that point feels feeble and breakdown. Sai makes her lay on grass. He sees winged animals flying and looks for help. Fowls drop their featehrs on Jahnvi and spreads her with quill cover. He says her issues will be comprehended and she should show restraint.

Savi illuminates Shashidhar that infant is resting, so she is going out to bring milk for child, he ought to get curry leaves from close by trees and she will get ready poha for him subsequent to returning. He concurs, and she leaves. He likewise goes out looking through curry leaves tree. Jahnvi seeing it concealing thinks this is the best time to take care of her child and strolls into house quietly. Sai seeing it from Dwarkamayi. Savi returns and seeing Jahnvi holding infant accumulates neighbors and affirms that she is fleeing with infant. Shashidhar returns and grabbing infant from her pushes her away. Baiza maa with Rukmini and others reaches and holds Jahnvi, preventing her from falling. Sai additionally comes to there.

Lakshmi gets back from Dwarkamayi thinking Sai is a holy person and thinking back Sai helping Jahnvi thinks it is sin to con such a sort hearted holy person. Mohan asks where was she, did Sai baba gave cash. She says Sai baba left ahead of schedule to support somebody. Mohan says Sai baba is helping everybody with the exception of them, he will instruct Avni to look for more cash from Sai baba. He instructs Avni to ask 5 rs from Sai baba saying she chose 5 rs worth dress in showcase. Lakshmi stops him and says she helped him con numerous individuals, however Sai baba is an unadulterated hearted holy person and it isn’t right to con him. Mohan says what’s going on if Sai baba gives them some cash.

Shashidhar cautions Jahnvi to leave, else he will call police. Sai attempts to meddle, yet Shashidhars says he is regarding him as a senior, yet he won’t let this lady take his child, let us go to town’s mukhiya tomorrow and allowed him to choose. Jahnvi concurs. Shashidhar says let us finish the issue tomorrow itself.

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