Mere Sai 26th March 2020 Written Episode

A man Sadanand attempts to set up Sai’s object of worship. His better half requests that he get wood from wilderness as today is holika dahan. Sadanand says he neglected to make Sai’s venerated image even today, he has just one wish to set up Sai’s object of worship, keep it in sanctuary and supplicate as there is no icon creator in their town. Spouse says he should keep trying and one day he may succeed. Sadanand says Sai doesn’t him to serve, so he can’t plan icon. His neighbor strolls in and inquires as to whether he isn’t going with to bring wood from wilderness. Sadanand leaves. During rest, Sadanand sees Sai in dream saying he doesn’t need any of his followers to serve him, yet needs them to serve humankind, he will come today around evening time and have nourishment with him however. He joyfully awakens and energetically educates his better half that Sai will come to have nourishment with them, so she ought to get ready exceptional dishes today and he will welcome his family members to have nourishment with Sai.

Sadanand calls his more youthful sibling’s family home. Spouse says he should have simply envisioned, in what capacity will Sai come here to eat with him. His sibling says it must be only a fantasy as even he had seen comparable dreams before, his better half backs him. Sadanand says if Sai will want sure as guaranteed, so he will make all the courses of action alone in the event that they don’t support him. Spouse says today is celebration and she will get ready blowout however. His better half and sibling’s family get ready blowout and serve it. He expresses gratitude toward them for their assistance and enthusiastically says he will have feast with Sai today.

They all hang tight till night for Sai. Sadanand guarantees his better half that Sai will want sure. He hears his sibling and spouse talking about they are exceptionally eager and to what extent they need to pause. Neighbor welcomes him to play holi, yet he stops him saying his visitor is coming and once visitor leaves, he will come to play holi. Neibhor applies tilak and leaves. Sadanand requests that family start feast as he doesn’t need them to stand by further. Sibling says they feel frustrated about him. Simply at that point, a virtuous poor person/baba comes asking. He thinks when Sai has not come, at any rate he can take care of this poor person. He tends to him as baba and welcome him in offers him thali. Baba sits keeping his pack aside, sees feast thali and approaches in the event that he was sitting tight for somebody. Sadanand says his decent Sai baba was to come, yet he didn’t. Baba asks in what manner will he distinguish Sai. Sadanand says he will with Sai baba’s kafni/kurta, his chimta and sack. Baba completes nourishment and before leaving favors him that he should meet his Sai baba. Sibling discovers pack and hands it over to Sadanand. Sadanand look through baba to return it, yet not discovering him gets back and checks sack. Amazingly, he sees Sai baba’s godlike object in it and genuinely demonstrating it to family says his Sai baba came and left, yet he was unable to distinguish him; Sai baba can come in any structure to test his supporters.

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