Mere Sai 24th March 2020 Written Episode

Jahnvi gets up in the first part of the day and doesn’t discover her child alongside her. She exits stressed and seeing Savi playing with infant inquires as to for what reason did she bring her child out without her authorization. Savi says on the off chance that she has gone frantic, this is her kid. Jahnvi stands stunned. Ragini strolls into Dwarkamayi with her mom and discloses to Sai that her mom Champa is constantly stressed for her. Champa says Ragini is having migraine. Ragini asks Sai to give oodhi/debris to her mom, her cerebral pain will leave in the event that she rests for at some point. Sai blends oodhi in water and asks Ragini to drink it to clear her mom’s stresses. Ragini asks in what manner will her mom’s stresses disappear with this. Sai says mother and youngster’s holding is exceptional and she will comprehend when she turns into a mother later on. Ragini drinks it. Champa expresses gratitude toward Sai and says now she will proceed to apologize Kaveri kaki as she had vowed to sing bhajan there.

Jahnvi asks Savi for what reason is she calling her infant as hers. Savi cautions that its her child. Jahnvi cautions to restore her child. Savi cautions to remain away and stop her bad conduct. Neighbors accumulate. Their contention start. Savi picks stick and undermines her to remain away. Sai watches it remaining in Dwarkamayi. Champa asks him what occurred. He says a few people become excessively eager and attempt to grab other’s privileges overlooking that they will be rebuffed and won’t change without discipline. Champa says she didn’t comprehend. Sai says somebody needs to comprehend.

Jahnvi says she doesn’t why Savi is doing this and whose request, yet she got this child after a ton of trouble and in any event, battling with god. Savi says this is her child and regardless of whether god comes, she won’t offer it to Jahnvi. Jahnvi’s better half returns. She requests that his significant other take infant from Savi and return it to her. Spouse strolls to Savi, takes child from her, and holding Savi’s shoulder says Jahnvi is making trouble rather its his and Savi’s infant. Jahnvi stands broke. Sai reveals to Champa that darlings can’t observe darling’s torment, so she was unable to endure Ragini’s torment and brought her here, however when darlings sell out, one can’t endure it, god should favor everybody. Jahnvi asks what is he saying, she is his significant other. Spouse inquires as to whether she isn’t afraid to call a more unusual as her significant other, she is worker of this house. Jahnvi says Savi is hireling and attempts to grab infant. Spouse asks Savi to pay worker and send her out. Jahnvi runs behind him. Savi follows her and locks entryway from inside. Champa says appears as though Sai’s devotee is in a difficult situation, for what reason don’t he help her/him. Sai says one needs to pay for the transgressions themselves and get rebuffed.

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