Mere Sai 18th March 2020 Written Episode

Bhajan vocalist Gopal with his group sings Ram stuti bhajan before Sai and his supporters. He grasps consuming camphor and keeps sining. After he completes the process of singing, Sai reveals to him that god doesn’t need his kids to be in a tough situation or mischief themselves, consuming camphor in his grasp wasn’t right. Gopal thinks he thought Sai would laud his demonstration. Sai says all Shirdi residents loved his bhajan, so he needs to blessing him something. Gopal energetically says he came to take Sai’s favors here. Sai picks debris from fire pit and keeps it on Gopal’s palm saying it will mend his consumed palm. Gopal thinks who gives debris as blessing. Sai reveals to Keshav that Gopal and his group are his visitors and ought to be dealt with well, they will listen bhajan for a couple of days; asks Gopal will he sing bhajan. Gopal says he came to Shirdi to sing bhajan. Sai baba takes his sack and leaves. Gopal asks where did Sai baba go. Keshav says Sai baba is stressed over everybody and somebody must be in a tough situation, so he went to support him/her. Gopal thinks when he is here, for what reason did Sai baba leave.

Jahnvi becomes sick and when her infant cries she attempts to quiet him down and sings cradlesong with extraordinary trouble. Savi watches from a separation. She figures he won’t stay silent without listening children’s song. Savi sings bedtime song, however child keeps crying. In some other house, Sai sees a mother attempting to quiet infant, picks infant and spoils him. Infant quiets down. Jahnvi’s child likewise quiets down. Savi picks child and keeps singing. Infant nods off. Jahnvi says just she or Sai baba could quiet down her infant till now, she is cheerful that he quieted down with Savi’s singing. Savi says she resembles child’s auntie and it was her obligation to quiet him down. Sai comes asking. Jahnvi joyfully exits and offers good cause to Sai. Sai asks where is her infant. She says since she is feeling debilitated, she gave her infant to house cleaner Savi. Sai cautions her not to believe anybody and noble cause ought to be offered distinctly to whose who merit it. Jahnvi stands befuddled.

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