Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 24th March 2020 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Amber thumping on the entryway and asking Nia to open the entryway. Nia says she is preparing and requests that he pause. He requests that her open the entryway. Nia opens the entryway and turns out. Golden asks what you was telling? Nia says we didn’t discuss you and requests that he be simply himself. He wishes her for the gathering. Guneet messages Amber that she needs to converse with him. Golden understands it and thinks if Nia advised her. He thinks to change the garments and figures he can’t transform it in 5 mins. He requests that himself quiet down, runs into his room and sets his hairs. Pyaar deewana hota hai… .plays… .Amber puts on something else and showers aroma on himself. He reviews Nia requesting that he act naturally. He wants to wear atleast great garments and act naturally. He leaves the room.

Nia meets the customer and reveals to him that his APP will be utilized by men just so she thought to do this. He tells that he needs young ladies on the App’s landing page. Nia tells that if young ladies will wear lungis. He tells that he needs young ladies pic with less garments, so he gets the customer to purchase the stuff. Kajal consents to plan the App according to his loving. She helps Nia to remember her words. Nia requests that the customer advise his organization to send pics, says we will accomplish the work. He requests that her determine what name to compose on the check. Nia says you will give us check without work. The customer tells that you accompanied a major methodology. Nia asks who requested that you give us work.

Golden comes to corridor and considers Guneet. He thinks back the minutes between them. Guneet calls him and asks did you see my message or not? Golden signs yes. Guneet asks would you be able to see now a days what’s going on in your girl’s life? Golden conversed with Nia about Kabir. He reveals to Guneet that he conversed with Nia, however she would prefer not to discuss it. Guneet says you got quiet, says you meddle in her life much, however left her now. Golden says I didn’t do this and why I will do. He says my eyes are on Nia and Kabir. He says they are old companions, battle and afterward fix up. Guneet says Nia misses Kabir and that is the reason she is focused on consistently. She inquires as to whether he will do nothing. Golden says I will do and asks what? Guneet requests that he think after year or something like that. Golden requests that her consider Nia’s companions and tells that he will make nourishment for them. Guneet says truly and says alright. Golden says you need to support me, giving me masala, hacking the vegetables and washing it, that’s it. Guneet says alright and says I will tell everybody and goes. Golden signs melody. He calls Kabir and requests that he get back home.

Kabir asks did you tell Nia? Golden asks whose house and little girl is this? He requests that he come at night. Kabir says I have a gathering today around evening time, and will arrive behind schedule. Golden requests that he accompany that individual to his home. Kabir asks are you certain that you need me to come. Golden says on the off chance that you don’t come, at that point I will come and take you from office. Kabir says I will come and takes a gander at Swara. Golden sings melody sitting in kitchen. Guneet says you sing so well and asks what is the arrangement, Italian, Chinese, Indian. Golden says No Italian and Chinese, just Indian. Guneet says what you will make in India. She wears cover and asks him not to have any expectations from her. She turns and signs him to tie the cover. She tells about the dishes while he ties it. He turns marking her to tie the cover, however she doesn’t see. He ties it with trouble. Guneet says I would have done. She says I am gourmet specialist and you are my right hand.

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