Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 31st March 2020 Written Episode

Pari gets back. Neha inquires as to whether she Dr. Wilson consented to acknowledge her as his colleague. Pari says she met him, yet he is exceptionally egotistical. Neha asks will she bring lager. Pari says its alright. Neha says she had gone to watch Yogi’s match and not meet Dr. Wilson. Pari yells Yogi lost the match. Neha asks so what, he didn’t lose life however. Pari says coordinate is Yogi’s life. Neha inquires as to whether she met him. Pari says no, she needed to see Yogi win. Neha embraces her and goes to bring lager. Pari sits tragically thinking back the sentimental minutes went through with Yogi. Hai Kya hai jo tere unimportant darmiyan hai… receptacle tere… melody… plays out of sight.

Surjith and Bablu sitting a coffee bar talk about Yogi losing. Bablu says he can’t see Yogi losing. Surjith says it was an extreme match. Bablu says and still, after all that Yogi’s muqaddar/destiny can’t. Surjith asks what is muqaddar. Bablu clarifies and reminds about Muqaddar ka sikandar film and recalls who all acted in it, pondering Ranjeet says even mentor’s name is Ranjeet and on the off chance that he prevents Yogi from playing next match, they ought to rebuff him. Tea merchant snickers and says with 4 days of training, Yogi can’t dominate game. The two of them chasten him and leave.

Yogi strolls to football institute and thinks back how family responded catching wind of him losing match. Dil Yeh Ziddi hai… melody… plays out of sight.. Prakash sits strained on bed. Kusum says its effectively 1 a.m., will he not rest. He says he can’t rest by any stretch of the imagination. She says she thought he is solid, yet he is feeble; he has taken more weight on himself than Yogi. Prakash says he needs Yogi win, how might he disclose to Yogi that on the off chance that he loses, entire family’s well deserved income will be lost. Kusum says Yogi dominated life’s game as of now by supporting Gunjan. Prakash says she is correct.

Yogi rehearses football. Ashayein… melody… plays out of sight. Guardian requests that he return home as individuals hit objectives here and lose during match, he can’t remain conscious entire night. Yogi signals him to simply pause and watch and keeps rehearsing. Mentor Mishra watches Yogi. Ranjeet asks what did he see uncommon in Yogi. Mishra says Yogi will get them trophy this time and shows Yogi hitting objective.

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