Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 30th March 2020 Written Episode

Yogi neglects to objective during match. His colleague reassures him and says he will objective in next match. Mentor Rana enters and admonishes Yogi. Yogi’s supporter Mishra enters and supports Yogi, yet Rana keeps offending Yogi. Yogi signals he was anxious in first match and will play well in next match. Rana hollers what is he saying. Mishra discloses and keeps on supporting Yogi, yet Rana gets determined that he won’t let Yogi play in next match as its an issue of group’s notoriety. Yogi gets back and clarifies family what occurred. Kabir and admonishes Yogi for missing objective and says he may lose chance in next match. Rani inquires as to whether they will or not. Yogi flags no. Kusum cries that they wager everything on his football. Rani asks what will happen now. Vivek says he feels they will let Yogi play next match. Kabir asks after the present disappointment, for what reason will mentor do that. Dadaji says mentor is now against Yogi. Vivek says 2 players are harmed and mentors don’t have any decision. Kabir says it is difficult. Khushi inquires as to whether bhai will get this current match’s compensation. Dadaji says he will whether they dominate game or not. Dadi says they had determined that just if Yogi gets man of the match trophy, they can pay Gunjan’s medical procedure expenses. Kusum says if this doesn’t occur, everything will wrap up. Gunjan signals Yogi not to trouble. Family underpins her. Nisha gets some information about the cash previously spent. Yogi indignantly tosses glass. Kabir chastens him, however Prakash stops him and energizes Yogi that he will play and win without a doubt and jokes that Yogi is conceived football as he used to kick Kusum in belly.

Yogi signals Prakash that he fizzled. Prakash cautions him to set out not think that way and proposes to utilize new methodology next. Kusum says like Prakash says, he is battling for Gunjan and is stressed that on the off chance that he loses, what will happen to Gunjan, yet he should quit thinking and play courageously thinking carefully. Wole family bolsters him.

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