Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 24th March 2020 Written Episode

Yogi gets back from football training and signals that he was unable to play well. Dadaji brightens him up and says in any event, during his school days he had quit playing football for some time, however when he returned he scored different objectives and dominated the game, Daadi got dazzled after that coordinate. Yogi flags that his time is no more. Dadaji says he was his school’s headliner and can shoot football in a carom gap and was scratched om forward. Kusum says its to an extreme. Dadaji says he isn’t lying and requests that her bring tea while he shows his turn. Nisha says Daadi is getting ready tea. Dadaji tells the best way to point feet and kick football. He kicks and ball falls on Daadi holding tea. Tea sprinkles on Daadi, and she yells. Yogi leaves with football. Dadaji and Daadi’s contention begins.

Pari gets ready nourishment and over telephone educates Neha. Entryway chime rings. Pari tells she won’t feed her companions and opens entryway. Sujoy strolls in and is astounded to see her. The two of them think back their first gathering, all the occasions, till their last gathering, and so on. Sujoy inquires as to whether its 501 and when did she return. She says 401, she returned 3 days back and this is her companion’s PG level where different young ladies additionally remain. He says he didn’t come to sentiment, he just observed her and thought of addressing her. She is sorry and welcomes him in. He slips. She holds him. He says thanks to him and says he was going to fall all over. She is sorry for the affront he had bear in view of her. He says he has moved out of it and overlooked it quite a while in the past.

Pari approaches purpose behind coming here. He says Di sent him to meet a young lady strongly. She says pleasant, he ought to wed; well she doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the young lady, however Neha must be knowing her subtleties. He says she realizes he doesn’t go into subtleties and picking football inquires as to whether she plays it. She gestures no. He says its only an ornamental thing at that point, she can kick it at whatever point she needs and keep it aside. She feels remorseful. He is sorry and says he didn’t intend to. She says tea. He says he is getting late and will leave currently, says its great to see her and she ought to have honey bee in contact with him. She says she wasn’t in contact even with Neha. He says they have to make a space for one another and life goes along these lines. He strolls towards entryway when she inquires as to whether he is in contact with Yogi. He says indeed, Yogi has a great deal of room for others in his life.

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