Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23rd March 2020 Written Episode

Gunjan gets up early hearing caution sound a doesn’t discover Yogi beside her. She exits and sees Yogi rehearsing football. Ay Sala Ke Abhi Hua Yaqeen… song..plays out of sight. Yogi hits football at neighbor’s window and breaks glass. Neighbor turns out and yells, Yogi stows away.

Neha talks over telephone to her clinic partner when she opens entryway hearing entryway ringer and is astounded to see Pari with her sack. Pari says she came to remain with her. Neha talks about her PG proprietor who investigates room each week, and so forth and seeing football in her grasp approaches on the off chance that she desired Yogi. Pari denies and says she will help Dr. Wilson. Neha gets energized hearing that and asks how did this occur. Pari says she sent Dr. Wilson who dismissed her solicitation, at that point she took Dr. Bhalla’s assistance and persuaded Dr. Wilson. Neha inquires as to whether she needs to hear Gunjan call Yogi’s name. Pari says denies first, however then concurs.

At home, Rani reveals to Yogi that she arranged his preferred breakfast poor bhaji and jalebis. Yogi says he wouldn’t like to have it. Prakash strolls in and yells as regular asking reason. Bablu with Surjith strolls in with bunches of eggs and milk can and says bhai will have 1 dozen egg and heaps of milk as he needs protein to play football. Prakash shouts at him. Moin enters and says its a present for Yogi as he needs Yogi dominate football game. Prakash battles with him as normal and says he won’t pay for milk. Moin says its a present for Yogi and cautions Prakash not to utilize milk to get ready tea. Gunjan signals that nutritious nourishment is required for Yogi’s football training and he was wakeful rehearsing till 3 a.m. Prakash proposes Yogi not to be conscious till late night and to begin practice early morning. Moin and his nok jhok proceeds with which everybody appreciate.

Yogi goes to football ground for training. Mentor calls him and he begins playing with colleagues. Mentor requests that he be quick and says its not occurring. Partner cross legs him and makes him tumble down. Mentor says he told its unrealistic for him and requests to proceed to sit on seat. Yogi strolls back to seat tragically. Surjith and Bablu cheer him up.

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