Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 20th March 2020 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Kusum uncovers to Yogi and everybody that Prakash is the person who kept the cash in the clinic for activity. Everybody gets stunned. Kusum says Prakash payed his entire life earned cash for Gunjan and Yogi joy. Yogi embraces Prakash legs and both reminsces their past minutes with one another. Vivek and Kabir cries. Prakash says I didn’t do anything for anybody, I simply accomplished for me and please excuse me Yogi for the past affront I accomplished for you.

Yogi says I need to ask your pardoning not you. Prakash says it’s not required, we are one family and I got call from Mishra and he trust you and even I believe you so don’t break our trust and make a decent attempt for matches Yogi. Vivek and Kabir asks Prakash to pardon them. Prakash says even I act like you on the off chance that somebody affronts my cousin yet I’m upbeat subsequent to seeing your adoration for one another. Everybody embraces Prakash joyfully.

Neha says to Pari that Gunjan will get worked and Yogi would prefer not to take your assistance and now he detests you. Pari says he can pay, so I’m cheerful and no more. Neha says yet you lost everything and Everyone. Pari thinks back her minutes with Yogi. Pari says I simply wish Gunjan get her voice and I need to watch Yogi getting a charge out of Gunjan melodies. Neha asks are you coming to Delhi. Pari cuts the call saying she will talk later.

Gunjan educates her folks that they payed the store. Shiv and Seema feels glad and uncovers that how they get strained when Gunjan requested that they come here. Gunjan acclaims Srivastavas. Shiv and Seema likewise says Prakash and everybody from this family is acceptable. Kusum and others meet Shiv. Yogi embraces Shiv and he salute Yogi for getting the open door in football coordinate. Kusum says Yogi great execution in coordinate is required for activity cash. Shiv says your group is acceptable so I simply trust you will get cash for your Gunjan. Yogi says trust me I will do it.

Prakash says Yogi is my child and he can do it. Shiv embraces Prakash and expresses gratitude toward him. Prakash says I accomplished for my little girl in law so for what reason are you completing enthusiastic and everything is in the wake of seeing Yogi franticness yet after this Yogi need to do the following. Shiv says I confide in him. Prakash says Yogi despite everything need to enter in group 11 so we need to prepare Yogi. Shiv requests that Yogi do it. Yogi says I will.

Prakash cautions Yogi to not free even single match else I will enter the ground. Everybody asks what. Prakash says now I additionally have same stubborness like Yogi to make Gunjan get her voice. Everybody grins. Yogi says I will win so you don’t have to do anything at this mature age. Prakash runs behind him for calling him as old.

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