Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 31st March 2020 Written Episode

Anish and Devika insult Shravan and state whatever he attempts, Suman won’t be dazzled. Shravan says when Suman can’t, by what method will she b e intrigued. He turns and sees Suman there, causes server to sit and says he will take his and everybody’s structure today. Server says he is seeing somebody serving him just because. Shravan takes everybody’s structure. Suman says he is simply representing her pardoning. Kanchan says in any event he is attempting truly. After classes, Shravan unfortunately exits when peon says he knows it all about him and can assist him with getting Suman’s absolution. Shravan energetically inquires as to whether he truly can. Peon says he will tell his very own investigation tomorrow and leaves.

At night, Shravan meets Bunty and clarifying entire occurrence occurred in school says he needs Suman’s absolution at any expense. Bunty says he will give him a strong arrangement. Shravan says he will analyze tomorrow and check whether it works. Next morning, Suman sees Damroo wearing new T-shirt and asks who gave it. Damroo says Shravan with a statement of regret. Suman thinks Shravan sent this statement of regret to her. Shravan energetically hangs tight for her in park stowing away and trusts she sees him. Suman runs and seeing him stops, however overlooks and leaves. Back home, she gets Sanjay’s bank letter and hands it over to Dadaji. Dadaji understanding letter and asks whom did he take credit from. Vijay joins. Sanjay strained says from Devraj. Vijay feels baffled and doesn’t take Sanjay along for specialist’s exam. He meets specialist who approaches him to rest for some additional time, yet he denies. Devraj meets Brigadier there to take request’s last endorsement and seeing Vijay waves him, yet Vijay overlooks and drives his jeep away.

Shravan comes back to class where peon proposes him that he should face a challenge during research center practicals and check whether Suman gets stressed for him or not. Practicals begins when Anish changes Shravan’s concoction bottle. Shravan sees it and thinks let him check whether Suman troubles or not. Suman additionally sees it however stays silent. Anish thinks once Shravan blends synthetic substances, jugs will detonate. Exactly when Shravan is going to blend synthetic concoctions, educator stops and reprimanding him asks Suman to support her amigo. Suman reproves him and he asks when she saw Anish evolving substance, for what reason didn’t she stop him. After class, Suman reproves Anish to quit alarming Shravan and meddling in her issues. Shravan grins hearing that. Peon illuminates Shravan that Suman and his blood is B+, so he should utilize it. During class, major Bakshi declares about blood gift camp tomorrow and to bring their families. Shravan gets strained which Suman takes note. He exits and illuminates peon that he despises needles. Peon says he preponed blood gift camp only for him, presently its up to him to utilize this open door in a superior manner.

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