Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 23rd March 2020 Written Episode

Kanchan insults Suman that she demonstrations that she doesn’t adore Shravan. Suman yells Kancha.. Kanchan says she is breaking supporter second time for Shravan. Suman says Shravan was cheerful and needed to praise, she would not like to ruin is state of mind, so she went with him. Kanchan says so bustling that she overlooked her portable. Suman says she left a message in her portable which Kanchan didn’t see by any stretch of the imagination. Kanchan inquires as to whether she cherishes Shravan, so she helped Shravan say a final farewell to Devika and is around him generally. Suman says she isn’t.

Next morning, Shravan before leaving for school joyfully embraces Devraj saying he is world’s best dad who realized he would learn discipline just in armed force school. Devraj sits stunned. Kavita brings tea for Devraj. He embraces even her and says the two of them comprehended what is best for him, they are world’s best guardians. He embraces Devraj firmly once more. Devraj requests to leave him and go to class now. Shravan contacts their feet and leaves. Kavita says Devraj hit Shravan’s head excessively, so his mind is shaken. Devraj says what Shravan doesn’t have won’t shake. Shravan drops Bunty to class and works on proposing Suman. Bunty recommends him to not propose her, else she will illuminate colonel Vijay and general Devraj and envision what they will do. Shravan envisions Vijay pointing weapon and Devraj sword at him. Bunty says Suman examines everything with her family, so he ought to be extremely cautious.

In school, Anish asks Suman not to overlook bringing Shravan to his gathering. Suman concurs. Devika strolls to Anish and says if Shravan doesn’t come, their arrangement will come up short. Suman hangs tight for Shravan in class and thinks why he is late today. Shravan enters mid route during address. Educator reprimands him and requests that he sit down. Shravan strolls to Suman and thinks back their prior battle for seat. He grins and sits by her. She inquires as to why he is late. He says he needed to drop his companion and starts scrutinizing her. During break, Suman goes to library and he follows her there and says his dad requested that he be in Suman’s organization and take in morals from her. She grins. He inquires as to whether somebody proposes her, will she advise her dad and old grandpa. She blows up and says its difficult to transform him, she won’t go to Anish’s gathering with him or go anyplace with him from hereon. Shravan stands arguing.

At night, Suman prepares for party. Kanchan acclaims her excellence and says she is looking exceptionally hot. Suman shies. Anish’s gathering starts and he with Devika excitedly sits tight for Suman and Shravan. He gets a call that Suman isn’t accompanying Shravan. Devika says if Shravan doesn’t come, their arrangement will fall flat. At Shravan’s home, he calls Suman over and again and vapor when she doesn’t pick call. Kavita strolls in and asks reason. He says he angered his companion, so she isn’t picking his call and wouldn’t like to go to party with him. She inquires as to whether he acknowledges his error. He says yes. She gets upbeat that her child has begun to acknowledge his missteps and recommends him to meet his companion actually and persuade her. He prefers her thought and considers meeting Suman and saying ‘sorry’. her.

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