Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 20th March 2020 Written Episode

The scene begins with Bunty and Shravan heading off to some place on bicycle when Bunty requests that he unpredictable back home yet Shravan says that he wouldn’t like to return in that house where he is simply reproved. Bunty recommends him to go through the late evening meandering in the city at that point. Shravan says it’s a smart thought however unexpectedly asks Bunty to go off the bicycle.

Shravan calls Suman who is resting. She goes on overhang to go to his call. Shravan asks Suman to come to celebrate and meander around the city with him since he is so glad today only for her. Suman says that she is cheerful for him as well however she isn’t the kind of young lady who wanders around at late night. Shravan says that he is this kind of kid just and in the event that she doesn’t come he will wake up everybody with horn. Suman cuts the call.

Bunty chides Shravan who requests that he return home while he is going to take Suman. Bunty curses him yet Shravan leaves.

Shravan arrives at Suman’s home and asks Suman to come outside however Suman can’t and requests that he make commotion with horn on the off chance that he needs. Shravan inquires as to whether she won’t feel terrible for her on the off chance that he gets caught. Suman says it’s passionate extortion yet will not return and goes in her room.

Shravan dithers to play the horn since he fears Vijay and Devraj yet then imagines that he needs to go out with Suman. At that point he imagines that he wouldn’t like to act with Suman like Devika did with him and is going to go yet Suman comes. She consents to go with him since she doesn’t need her family’s rest to get upset with his horn.

Suman is perched on bicycle behind Shravan who says that she should feel the opportunity noticeable all around. Suman says that she is feeling the air however she is in every case free. Shravan says that she is exhausting and can talk like this as it were. He says that today he will demonstrate his Bopal to her. He takes a gander at Suman’s hands on his shoulders.

They arrive at a shop which is shut. He asks why it has shut unexpectedly early. Suman says that it’s 11pm and everything is shut so they will return home yet Shravan says that he has answer for everything and starts yelling to the proprietor of the shop who requests that he leave. Suman giggles and Shravan gazes at her.

A poor person comes and asks cash to Shravan. He declines from the outset however then gives him the gift of remaining with Suman for eternity. Shravan gets cheerful and gives him cash. Aneesh sees Shravan and Suman together. His companions propose to humiliate them yet Aneesh says that they should sit tight for the bomb impact in the gathering.

Shravan and Suman are on bicycle again and Shravan says that her guide has slumped. Suman says that her companion hasn’t. Shravan inquires as to whether she isn’t apprehensive about remaining outside late night yet Suman says that she isn’t the only one and in the event that somebody asks she will say that she was with him. Shravan says that her family appears to be so cool. Suman says that they ought to go to a spot she knows. Shravan concurs.

Bunty is in the billiard club. He calls Shravan however his telephone isn’t reachable. He calls Suman whose telephone is on quiet in her room. Kanchan gets it. Bunty gets some information about Shravan. Kanchan admonishes him and requests to call him since Suman is in washroom and knows nothing. Bunty says that he knew Suman isn’t a young lady like that and cuts the call.

Shravan and Suman arrive at the billiard club. Shravan gets Bunty’s call. He lies that Suman exhausted him following ten minutes so now he is dozing at home as it were. Shravan and Suman enter in the billiard club chuckling. Bunty sees them and blows up on Shravan and says that now he will play with his new companions. He shows a few young men playing and goes to them.

Suman shows a table that is free and inquires as to whether he realizes how to play. Shravan says that he is a victor from the start however then admits that he never played billiard yet says like that just to intrigue young ladies. Suman says that she will educate him. He takes her to the table and educates him. Shravan just gazes at her grinning. “Nazarna slack jaye” plays.

Bunty frowns at Shravan and Suman and slams him. He accidently hits a person who is playing. The person holds his neckline. Bunty asks sorry and requests that he save him. Shravan comes in the middle of and says that he is his sibling. Anyway there are some different young men with that person. Shravan chills out observing them. The young men begin slamming Shravan and Bunty. Suman holds their hand and flee with them. Shravan continue gazing at her while running.

Once far, Suman admonishes Shravan for attempting to stand up to those macho young men. Shravan says that it’s the standard of kinship to beat or getting beaten with the companion. Bunty embraces him inwardly. Shravan requests that he return home on auto. Bunty curses him to get his bicycle punctured in the wake of dropping Suman home. Bunty leaves. Suman chuckles.

Shravan and Suman leave on the bicycle and afterward stop to have chai and afterward frozen yogurt. Shravan continues gazing at Suman. “Nazarna slack jaye” plays. Shravan drops Suman home and afterward goes on overhang. He says that he will admit his sentiments to Suman tomorrow in Aneesh’s gathering.

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