Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 30th March 2020 Written Episode

During class, Shravan attempts to address Suman and offers her analgesic to apply on her injury, yet she won’t. He says she ought to acknowledge it in any event as a neighbor or pal. She pushes his hand and emollient hits his temple. Suman feels terrible. After class, Shravan meets Kanchan. She yells what he needs. He says he needs his companion back. She says he prefers alarming his stigmatizing and didn’t he think once before criticizing Suman, he yesterday fled from home or, more than likely she would have uncovered his reality yesterday, he should set out to get back home today and tell truth. Suman enters and says he is quitter and runs from truth, so he will set out not get back home today. Shravan stands unfortunately.

Suman and Kanchan arrive at home talking about Shravan won’t return home to uncover truth when they see Shravan previously sitting with Vijay. Vijay says Shravan uncovered that Damroo’s birthday celebration was Suman’s thought and not his. Kanchan figures he didn’t uncover genuine truth. Dadaji approaches Damroo to get tea for Shravan. Vijay says the two amigos attempt to help one another so honestly. At night, Kanchan exhaust on Suman for supporting Shravan. Suman says Shravan has changed and acknowledged truth just because. Kanchan keeps raging. Next morning, Shravan subsequent to preparing for school remaining on porch to have a look at Suman. Kavita comes there and he visits with her. When Suman goes ahead her patio to dry her hair after shower, he commends her excellence. Kavita thinks he is lauding her, says he h as gone frantic and leaves grinning. Shravan attempting to step on basin tumbles down. Suman gets stressed for him.

In school, educators survey about amigo venture. Saheb acclaims Anish and says he took in a ton from him, yet Anish says he didn’t take in anything from Saheb and will keep on tutoring him. Major Batra says he bombed pal venture. Instructor calls Shravan and Suman next in front of an audience. Suman says she neglected to coach Shravan and acknowledges her thrashing. Shravan says Suman won rather as she transformed him totally, instructed him to be unassuming and acknowledge his slip-ups, and so forth., so he acknowledges his mix-ups and needs discipline for it. Batra applauds and says they made amigo venture fruitful and says since he acknowledged slip-up, he ought to choose his discipline himself. Suman stands enthusiastic. During break, Anish calls server to serve him samosa, however Shravan strolls to him offers to help. Anish affronts him and says whatever he attempts, he can’t dazzle Suman after gathering dramatization. Shravan says in what manner will he intrigue when Suman can’t, turns and sees Suman remaining behind.

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