Beyhadh 2 25th March 2020 Written Episode

Vikram wraps Maya’s mom’s injury. It is a basic certainty. We are a straightforward family. Our satisfaction is in Maya’s grasp. We will be cheerful if each of the 3 of us will be as one; in particular if Maya would need it. He inquires as to whether she needs her mom to be glad. Maya’s mom and Maya take a gander at Vikram and Maya’s photograph. She shakes her head at Maya. Vikram sets a standard for them. Neither of you will meet each other till the time Maya consents to remain with me until the end of time. Doorbell rings. Maya’s mom yells however Vikram covers her mouth. Finger all the rage! Vikram keeps Maya’s stick between them as Lakshman rekha. Neither of you will cross it. Maya hurries to her mom’s side when he goes.

Conveyance kid restores the tip cash to Vikram. Would i be able to have water? Vikram gives him cash to have juice. He shuts the entryway. Maya’s mom advises her to flee. It is an untruth. Vikram isn’t your better half. Flee! Maya says without you. Vikram returns. You disrupted the norm. Somebody must go on oust now. Princess will remain with me so Mummy ji should go.

Rudra finds the white shirt with Maya’s impressions on it. He considers Maya once more. Antara inquires as to whether he can’t conclude who to battle for – for adoration or against affection. Close your eyes. Battle for the primary face that you can consider – Maya’s adoration or Rishi’s passing! Rudra shuts his eyes and envisions Maya. He opens his eyes. Antara asks him who he saw. He takes Maya’s name yet then considers Rishi. He reviews Rishi’s passing and how Maya deceived him from the beginning. Rishi’s words about Maya reverberation in his mind. He goes to his mom. Maya implies disdain for me now. He tears the shirt in two alarming his mom. I guarantee you I will slaughter myself first if my hands shake while murdering her. She is stunned.

Antara advises MJ to discover Maya and finish her. MJ says you haven’t seen his scorn for Maya. This time he will be the person who will shoot Maya.

Vikram has tied Maya’s mom in the investigation while he affixes Maya to the bed. Maya yells for help yet he discloses to her that her voice can’t arrive at anybody. Maya’s mom sees a dead body close by and alarms. Maya yells uproariously. Vikram advises her to think about her mom atleast. In what manner will she feel hearing you yell for help?

MJ and Aamir are viewing CCTV film of Hotel Mamba. They spot something suspicious and delay the video. They see Maya from the back and question the Manager. He discloses to them that the person who contracted the bar gave unique directions about closing down all CCTVs. This one was on accidentally. Aamir sees Vikram’s Kaka. Who right? Supervisor answers that he is the person who had procured the bar. Aamir reveals to MJ he knows this person.

Maya’s mom utilizes her solidarity to yell yet futile.

Maya is in tears. Vikram advises her not to cry. I additionally want to cry seeing you in tears. I abhor your tears. He attempts to comfort her yet she fears his touch. He strokes her leg. She demands him to stop however he kisses her on her leg. He rests his head in her lap once more. I love you Princess!

Rudra is perched on the edge of his overhang. I despise you Maya! You grabbed my sibling from me. Naina plays as he considers Rishi and beverages liquor. You should pay for it Maya. I will discover you from any place you are stowing away!

Maya gets thinking. Vikram says I love you Princess. She considers him a liar. This is desire. Fine! Do anything you desire. I wont state anything. He turns away. I don’t cherish you? You have no clue what all I have accomplished for you. There was no extent of your endurance. Indeed, even specialists had surrendered trust yet I dint surrender. I used to peruse Bhagvad Gita to you. You call this desire? You were in trance like state for a long time. All I needed was to see you open your excellent eyes yet then you swindled me. You made meextremely upset. Maya can’t review anything. Vikram inquires as to whether she doesn’t confide in him. She says how to confide in you. Nobody powers anybody in affection You call me princess yet you have bolted me here as a creature. Is this how you will treat your affection? He says sorry. He opens her chains. She advises him to demonstrate his adoration to her.

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