Beyhadh 2 24th March 2020 Written Episode

Vikram returns to the room and murmurs. He taps Maya’s head. You know it all now, Princess. She sits up frightened. You slaughtered him? Why? He says I had no alternative. I needed to. Figure what might police have done separated from hitting him? Maya asks him what that person had done. Vikram says he contacted you, he attempted to hurt you. Maya denies. He didn’t hurt me. He says you were terrified however she says it was on the grounds that I didn’t have any acquaintance with him. He inquires as to whether she figures he will save any individual who will attempt to startle her. He rests her head in his lap. I will execute any individual who will attempt to startle you. She reveals to him he is insane to which he cheerfully concurs. You are my life. I can do anything for my life! He cups her face. She solicits him to give up from her. He inquires as to whether she realizes the amount he has hung tight for her. I accomplished such a great deal to get you and you are instructing me to leave you? I can’t leave you significantly in the afterlife! Kindly don’t cry. I want to cry when you cry. He winds up yelling at her to quit crying. I additionally feel furious when you cry. I love you. She goes calm. He kisses her on her brow. It is the ideal opportunity for you to cook Italian. I will bring fixings immediately. I can slaughter thousands like him seeing you in tears. Quit crying please. He ventures out of the space for a minute yet then returns. You figure I will disregard you?

Vikram packs Rajiv’s body. Maya looks on from the kitchen. Rajiv’s words reverberation in her psyche. Vikram asks Maya what she is cooking. She says risotto. He says I knew it that you would recall something. This is my preferred dish. Continue revealing to me the means. She consents. Vikram is out of tape. Maya turns calm yet he advises all her directing and cooking all the while. He heads inside. Maya attempts the landline however futile. She takes a stab at opening the principle entryway however it is shut as well. She makes a beeline for the kitchen hearing the sound of Vikram’s impressions. He inquires as to whether it is a mystery formula. You have been very for a really long time. She peruses it out for him. He considers it an ideal evening. You, me and flawless Italian nourishment! He takes out red wine. This is what was absent! He focuses at Maya’s mom’s photograph. We should look for her authorization on the off chance that we are drinking together. She may be away from us yet she is still extremely close to us.

Doorbell rings. Vikram advises Maya to unwind. I requested some stuff. He conceals Rajiv’s body behind the couch and afterward gets the package. Maya composes Help on the note pad. She holds it for the dispatch kid however he can’t see it. She drops stuff purposefully on the floor. Messenger kid discloses to Vikram something tumbled down. Vikram denies however the dispatch kid strolls in. Vikram is going to hit him on his head yet Maya requests his assistance simply at that point. Dispatch kid leaves in the wake of advising Vikram to support his significant other. Vikram holds the stuff back set up. He holds Maya’s hand. Guarantee me you will never show signs of change. He kisses her on her head. She closes her eyes firmly.

Vikram resumes pressing Rajiv’s body. Maya takes a gander at the wine bottle. She blends some of it in the skillet and starts cooking. She begins hacking to pick up Vikram’s consideration. He bows down to look yet she hits him on his head utilizing wine bottle, dish. She begins limping towards the entryway however falls. Vikram gets up to speed with her however she utilizes her stick to push/hit him. She figures out how to escape the house. The lift isn’t working so she takes the stairs. Vikram heads down the stairs too.

Maya comes in the cellar and is stunned to see her mom bolted there. She encounters flashes from quite a while ago. She takes off the fabric from her mom’s mouth. Maya embraces her mom. She inquires as to whether she is fine. Why Rudra dint come to spare them? Where right? Maya gets befuddled. Rudra? Who is Rudra? Vikram opens the entryway simply at that point.

Rudra sees his shirt with Maya’s impressions. The past minutes streak in his brain. Title tune plays out of sight. He takes a gander at the impressions. Maya’s mom is going to enlighten Maya concerning Rudra yet they get terrified seeing Vikram at the entryway. They embrace one another. Vikram comments at their bond.

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