Beyhadh 2 23rd March 2020 Written Episode

Maya can’t interface anything with Rajiv. Who right? What was he saying? She chooses to check with security. She attempts to dial security however discovers that the wire association is cut. How was Vikram conversing with security at that point? She attempts to go out however is welcomed by Vikram at the entryway. Where were you going? She bumbles. I was feeling frightened and thought to discover you. He embraces her. You don’t should be apprehensive. Police has taken that person with them. Unwind. Doc has prompted you not to walk excessively. Will you have Chef Vikram unique espresso? She gestures. He goes ground floor. Maya sits on the floor and opens a trunk. Vikram looks upstairs suspiciously. He goes to the room. What are you searching for right now? She says I thought to change. He focuses at their closet. She gets some information about the lehenga. He shares that it is her wedding trousseau. He causes her stand. Have espresso first. She drinks it however begins feeling uncomfortable. What was in the espresso? He says it has hazelnuts.

She says I have sensitivity from nuts. Get my enemy of hypersensitivity medication. He begins searching for the medication yet can’t discover it. She regurgitates. He inquires as to whether she is fine. She requests some time alone. He goes hesitantly. Maya thinks about Vikram’s account of their mishap and all that he has advised her till date. She begins composing something on a bit of paper.

Next morning, Maya comes first floor when Vikram is cooking. He inquires as to whether she required something. You could have let me know. She guarantees him she is fine. She is concealing a journal despite her good faith. He advises her there wont be anything with nuts right now I was tidying up. She offers to prepare nourishment for him. She shows him a rundown. I will proceed to bring it. He takes the rundown from her and goes to bring it. She thinks about how he is uninformed of her sensitivities in the event that he cherishes her to such an extent. She begins examining his examination for some piece of information. She finds the white bloodied scarf which Vikram had kept over Rudra’s face while beating him. She feels unusual as she contacts it.

Vikram is driving. Maya gets a sack. The substance fall over as she upswings the sack by botches. She finds a PC inside. Vikram acknowledges he has left his wallet at home in energy. Maya takes a stab at opening Vikram’s wallet. She can open it with the secret word Princess. Vikram is in the lift. Maya opens a cabinet and Rajiv’s body fall over her. Their ongoing gathering plays in her psyche.

Vikram goes into inside the house while Maya is still in stun. Vikram searches for Maya. He runs upstairs. Maya is shuddering and closes her eyes firmly detecting his nearness. He goes outside reasoning she is dozing. He goes to his investigation to pick his wallet however then finds a bit of fabric looking from the pantry entryway. He opens it. Rajiv is remaining a totally different way than how Vikram had kept him.

Maya’s mom is considering Maya. It’s been such a significant number of days. I don’t know whether you are fine or not. You have experienced a great deal. The God, whom you have trusted so a lot, is trying you today. You used to spare me from the world yet I am nothing without you today. I am certain Rudra must be searching for you. I implore that both Rudra and you are protected together. Your mom is sitting tight for you Maya.

MJ says I can feel her essence. Ananya’s dad says you will continue feeling. You know our multi year old insider facts will be out if Rudra discovers Maya. MJ says Rudra’s scorn is his shortcoming. Antara includes that Rudra will never excuse his sibling’s executioner. MJ guarantees his companion he will handle things. Ananya’s dad says fortunately, Rudra sent Ananya to London. On the off chance that she interferes with us, at that point! MJ says it wont occur. I will discover her before that!

Vikram returns to the room and murmurs. He taps Maya’s head. You know it all now, Princess. She awakens surprised.

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