Beyhadh 2 20th March 2020 Written Episode

Maya stoops down to have a more critical look when Rudra enters in the club. A young lady is remaining on the paper along these lines hindering Rudra’s photograph. Maya sees Rudra’s shoes by and by. She saw them at her home yesterday. They can’t see each other in view of the group between them. Vikram unexpectedly covers Rudra’s face with a bandanna from behind, hauls him to the restroom and beats him severely. He checks the video film of Maya’s mom. He fixes his hair and joins Maya once more. I realize you need to be distant from everyone else except I can’t avoid you. She says sorry. He says I comprehend it is your decision. She sees blood on his knuckles. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea how it occurred. I was outside. He wipes it utilizing his hanky. They leave. Kaka applauds and the gathering stops. Rajiv sees Maya with Vikram.

Vikram brings Maya home. Go upstairs. I will come soon. She reasons she can’t go all alone. He lifts her in his arms and encourages her rests. I will be back soon. She holds his hand. Much obliged to you for taking me outside today, for tuning in to me and for dealing with me. He gestures. He checks the video worriedly. She says I realize it would be hard for you. I additionally need to know it all about us. I need to think about our birthday celebrations and commemoration. He loses his cool. Is some test going on here? I will reveal to you when the days will come. She eases off. Sorry. He is sorry to her. I am under so much work pressure. Our commemoration is on eighth April. He gives her their wedding collection to see. I have a pressing work to do. I will be back soon. She is taking a gander at the collection however she encounters more flashes only at that point (from her wedding). She cries weakly. I don’t recollect that anything. She attempts to sprinkle water all over however there is no water. She hears stifled sounds originating from the bowl once more.

Maya’s mom is jumping in torment. Vikram liberates her feet. Where were you off to? You have gotten underhanded. You merit a prize for starting things out. She looks frightened. Maya attempts to discover the wellspring of commotion. She heads ground floor. Maya’s mom asks Vikram to leave her however futile. He rubs something on her injury which harms her even more. Maya hears her shout. He covers her mouth. He takes a gander at the video and understands that Maya is close by.

Somebody taps at Maya’s shoulder. She pivots frightened. It is Rajiv. He embraces her. you are alive! She sees progressively obscured out flashes. Rajiv says I thought you truly got murdered. I have been searching for you since 4 days. He will come searching for you. For what reason would you say you are still in your old house? You ought to be there to render your retribution. He has overlooked all the guarantees. He will murder you simply like you executed his sibling! Maya leaves in disarray. Vikram hits Rajiv on his head. Rajiv drops on the floor and even Maya loses cognizant. Vikram Takes Maya to her room.

Vikram advises Maya to unwind. She says I don’t discover anything directly here. I hear clamors from the restroom, a person reveals to me some irregular things and we have no companions! He claims to admonish security utilizing the landline telephone. He deceives her that support is going on which is the reason she is hearing these clamors. Maya gets some information about Rajiv. Is it true that he is our companion? He inquires as to whether he said something. He is nobody. Trust me he is nobody. I will call police. Unwind. He goes. Maya continues considering Rajiv and his words. Which vengeance would he say he was alluding to? Where would it be a good idea for me to be?

Rudra is taking Maya’s name in his semi cognizant state. Assessor inquires as to whether his family has given an agreement to somebody. Everybody is getting assaulted in a steady progression. Aamir inquires as to whether he thinks they assaulted Rudra. Overseer says we question everybody. It is normal for us however the aggressor is exceptionally tolerant. He isn’t slaughtering anybody. Rudra awakens. He shares that he dint see his aggressor. Reviewer again drops a trace of uncertainty on MJ and his family yet Rudra advises him to discover Maya first. You can ask her beginning and end. Antara and Aamir go to drop police outside. Rudra reveals to MJ he saw Maya in the club. MJ inquires as to whether he is certain. Rudra gestures. Do you confide in the way that Maya really got shot by your projectile? Did a third individual discharge that shot? MJ says I lost cognizant when Maya terminated. Rudra says she wont have the option to stow away for more.

Maya can’t interface anything with Rajiv. Who right? What was he saying? She chooses to check with security. She attempts to dial their number however discovers that the wire association is cut. How was Vikram conversing with security at that point? She attempts to go out however is welcomed by Vikram at the entryway.

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