Beyhadh 2 19th March 2020 Written Episode

Vikram is making tea for Maya. She gets the papers. She sees a couple of pages missing and gets some information about it. He says I utilized them as we had no trash sacks. It just contained articles about dead individuals at any rate. Doorbell rings. Rudra arrives at Vikram’s home. Vikram gets a bundle from somebody.

Rudra gets some information about V Jai Singh. We discovered his telephone in Goergaon Jungle. Aamir gives him his weapon. Kaka says this telephone has a place with my child yet he isn’t here. I tossed him out of my home 10 years prior. Rudra inquires as to whether he realizes where to discover him. Kaka instructs him to leave his number with him. I will let you know once I discover anything. Did he take something?

Vikram gets Kaka’s call who educates him that Rudra has discovered his telephone. He came here searching for you. Vikram says he has come excessively close. I should slaughter him on the off chance that he makes even one stride nearer. He hears a signal and notification Maya missing. he runs towards the fundamental entryway. The lift gets shut simply at that point. he takes the stairs. He comes to on the ground floor before her. what’s happening with you? She says I wanted to go out for a walk. For what reason would you say you are so strained? He says I am stressed for you. Doc has exhorted you to rest. This isn’t useful for your feet. She gestures. I am harmed in the head. I don’t get this. Vikram has fixed a chip in her cast. At the same time he tells an oblivious Maya that her legs are fine yet she may attempt to leave him. I will get some answers concerning you experiencing this chip. Flashback closes.

Maya reveals to Vikram she feels as though she is caught in a prison. He says it isn’t so. I love you princess. She approaches him to take as much time as necessary in the event that he truly cherishes her. I feel choked inside. He concurs. She expresses gratitude toward him yet he says thanks to her for allowing him to take her out on the town. They head back upstairs.

Rudra says Maya’s mom and Rajiv are as yet absent. We will discover Maya in the event that we discover Rajiv. He thinks about Rajiv’s words. There is one spot where we should look. We will clearly discover a hint about Rajiv.

Kaka discloses to Vikram that Rudra will come to Mystic Club to discover Rajiv. Vikram says I will take Maya to the club inverse Mystique. Maya has given me a decent opportunity to take out two targets with one shot.

Maya is preparing. She feels bizarre and looks down the bowl gap. She inclines nearer and hears some suppressed voice. Maya’s voice is gotten directly underneath. Vikram inquires as to whether she is prepared. He pivots frightened. I heard some clamor from the bowl opening. He says you state as though I have secured somebody in the storm cellar. They leave. Somebody strolls past the open are in the storm cellar. Maya’s mom yells Maya’s name yet nobody hears her voice.

Vikram and Maya step down from their vehicle outside Black Mamba club. Rudra comes to there simply at that point and is going towards Mystic Club. Maya feels some weird association thus does Rudra. The two of them pivot a similar time however a vehicle is hindering each other’s view. Vikram takes Maya inside.

Maya’s mom figures out how to liberate herself from the ropes. She runs out without seeing the peril on the floor and her feet gets trapped in a work. She recoils in torment.

Vikram brings Maya inside the club. Rudra glances back at Black Mamba Club inquisitively. Vikram’s companions meet him. They give great wishes to Maya. We will get up to speed once you recuperate. Vikram reveals to Maya everybody is so concerned. You don’t recollect that anything? He asks her what she might want to have. She approaches him to disregard her for quite a while. He concurs. I will complete my work close by and will be back soon. He leaves.

A young lady takes a gander at Maya and afterward at the server. Everybody in the club is watching Maya eagerly. Rudra comes to Mystic Club. Kaka is standing close by as it were. Somebody taps at his back.

Maya sees a paper lying on the ground. It has MJ and Rudra’s photographs. It grabs her eye. She bows down to have a more critical look when Rudra enters in the club. A young lady is remaining on the paper along these lines obstructing Rudra’s photograph. Maya sees Rudra’s shows by and by. She saw them at her home yesterday.

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